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07-09 Jeep Chrysler Dodge Stereo Radio Amp Amplifier P05064118AD





Fitment Type

Direct Replacement

Manufacturer Part Number




Vintage Part



Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler

Interchange Part Number

05064118AA; 05064118AB; 05064118AC, 05064118AD; 05064118AF; 05064118AG, 05064118AH; 05064118AI; 05064118AJ, 05064118AK; 5064118AL, 05064118AF, 05064118AE, 05059073AN, 05059073AO; 05064118AA; 05064118AB; 05064118AC;, 05064118AD; 05064118AF; 05064118AG; 05064118AH;, 05064118AI; 05064118AJ; 05064118AK; 5064118AL, P05059073AO P05064118AA; P05064118AB; P05064118AC;, P05064118AD; P05064118AF; P05064118AG; P05064118AH, P05064118AI; P05064118AJ; P05064118AK; P5064118AL

Manufacturer Warranty

1 Year

OE/OEM Part Number


Country/Region of Manufacture

United States

Universal Fitment



07-09 Jeep Chrysler Dodge Stereo Radio Amp Amplifier P05064118AD

SKU: P05064118AD
$84.95 Regular Price
$80.95Sale Price
  • Please ensure fitment: It is the buyer's responsibility to double-check fitment by verifying part numbers, color, symbols, pins, stickers, engine size, transmission type, and mounting points.

    Note: While an item may appear identical, even a difference of just one digit or revision in your part number makes the item incompatible.

    Returns and Refunds: We offer 30-day returns and refunds if you encounter any issues with your order.

    Condition: The item is used, fully functional, showing minor wear from regular use.

    Multiple Quantities: If multiple quantities are available, rest assured that the photos reflect the exact item you will receive.

    Shipping: We ship daily from Utah using USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Shipping time typically ranges within 2 weeks. International shipping is available by purchasing the item through our eBay Store.

    Questions and Inquiries: Feel free to send us a message with any questions you may have. We strive to respond within 24 hours.

    Description and Photos: In case of any discrepancies between the item description and photos, always refer to the photos. All pictures were taken under white LED lighting to provide accurate colors and represent the exact item you will receive.

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